Autumn and winter European and American style outfits!


Elsa Hosk, a supermodel from Sweden, is known for her sexy and lean figure. She is 176 centimeters tall and has served as the head angel of Victoria's Secret for many years. Let's follow BAZAAR to reveal the secret of supermodel Elsa Hosk's fashionable and comfortable outfit. Give you a lot of inspiration for autumn and winter outfits!

Elsa Hosk private server style #1: neat and casual

In autumn and winter, jackets are the best item to use when dressing up.


Among them, the "wide suit jacket" that has been popular for many seasons is a key fashion element.

Even if you only wear a simple T-shirt and straight pants like Elsa Hosk, you can instantly make your look more imposing by pairing it with a wide suit jacket and an armpit bag, easily creating a casual yet textured look.

Elsa Hosk private server style #2: Elegant personality

When the weather gets warmer in autumn and winter, you can refer to this look of Elsa Hosk, pairing a leather flight jacket with a short jumpsuit, and pairing ankle-length white socks with classic loafers, subtly incorporating elegant elements into the handsome outfit.


Through the mix and match of conflicting styles, you can create a unique fashion taste!

Elsa Hosk Private Server Style #3: Straightforward Autumn Breeze

As for the "shirt-style jacket" that is very popular in the autumn and winter of 2021, Elsa Hosk also took the lead in demonstrating how to wear it.

In the look, Elsa chose to pair a shirt-style jacket with tight jeans, using the wide design of the jacket to simply modify her figure, and then balanced the casual feel of the overall outfit with sexy thick-soled ankle boots.


Elsa Hosk Private Server Style #4: Classic Trend

When it comes to must-have items in autumn and winter, the windbreaker will never be missing. The windbreaker with collar design and classic shape can instantly enhance the quality of your outfit when paired with a simple basic style.

With the Y2K style making a strong comeback under the leadership of Gen-Z internet celebrities, Elsa also paired a button-down short top with suit pants to pay tribute to the low-waist style that was popular in the 2000s!


Elsa Hosk Private Server Style #5: Sweet Collision

When you want to try a sweet style in autumn and winter, like Elsa Hosk, you can also pair a handsome and warm leather jacket with a college-style pink plaid jumpsuit. Use the mixture of the two styles to create a sweet and cool outfit, and wear it The playful pink stockings echo the color of the dress, making the outfit more eye-catching!

Elsa Hosk private server style #6: colorful and dazzling


When wearing a coat or windbreaker in winter, you might as well choose a style with bold colors like Elsa Hosk to inject colorful colors into autumn and winter and make your look easily stand out!

In addition, Elsa also chose a windbreaker with a strap design. When the belt is tightened, it looks like a dress full of design. One piece can complete a neat and eye-catching outfit. It is definitely lazy. A must-have item for autumn and winter.

Elsa Hosk Private Server Style #7: Smart and Casual

Elsa Hosk, who is very good at mixing and matching different styles, once again demonstrates her dressing ability in this look. By mixing a formal suit jacket with a sports-style peaked cap and a crew-neck shirt, she presents a neat casual look and uses it more skillfully. The waist bag stretches out the waistline and creates a slender body proportions!