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Who Is Better? Talented Ventriloquist Darvci Lynne And Ana-Maria Mărgean WOWED 'AGT' Judges With Perfect Performance!

An incredibly gifted tween ventriloquist wowed 's judges again on Tuesday night, be serenading with an  classic.

Darci Lynne, 12, earned the golden buzzer during her on-air audition in June, and has kept upping her game ever since by introducing new characters to her routines.

The Oklahoma City girl debuted her newest companion in the , stepping onstage with a puppet named Edna Doorknocker—an elderly lady with an ardent crush on Simon.

'He's a hit with the ladies in their eighties back at the home, ya know?' Edna told Darci about Simon when the ventriloquist pulled her out of a suitcase.

Darci amazingly managed to give Edna and accent and a slightly raspy voice, contrasting with her own tone.

When Darci raised her concerns about Edna and Simon's age difference, pointing out that the 57-year-old judge could give the elderly puppet 'a heart attack', Edna boldly replied: 'Oh don't worry, Darci, Simon knows mouth-to-mouth.'

The girl pretended to look disgusted, complaining: 'Ew, TMI!' while Simon laughed at the exchange.

After a bit of banter, Edna explained she was just trying to tell Simon how he makes her feel, at which point Darci suggested the puppet should sing him a song.

Edna seemed to like the suggestion, and Darci launched into a flawless rendition of the 1967 classic A Natural Woman.

She hit all of the song's highest notes without even moving her lips, and even managed to continue to interact with the puppet, who asked Darci mid-song to bring her close to Simon.

Darci agreed to the request, and finished her performance next to the judge, who apparently enjoyed the routine and duly clapped to congratulate Darci.

His fellow , Mel B, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum, followed suit by giving the girl a standing ovation.

A 13-year-old singing ventriloquist wowed viewers of hit reality show  with an incredible performance that saw her showing off her musical and puppetry skills at the same time. 

 originally showcased her incredible talent in her home nation of  while competing on Romania's Got Talent, which she went on to win at the tender age of 11 - becoming a successful star and performing across the country. 

Now, the young teenager has brought her talents across the globe to the US, where she is taking part in the All Stars version of the reality show, in the hopes of being crowned the ultimate 'Got Talent' champion. 

Having conquered the crowds back home, Ana-Maria proved herself just as popular overseas, leaving both the All Stars judges and the audience open-mouthed in shock with her skills while performing with a puppy puppet whom she made sing loudly to the crowds. 

Ever since she stepped foot on the Romanian version of the TV show's stage, she has been a force to be reckoned with, even earning the golden buzzer - which takes a contestant directly to the live shows - during her audition. 

And based on a sneak-peek video shared by AGT All Stars - which premieres January 30 - the 13-year-old never fails to impress. 

Stepping on the stage demanding attention with her bold pink ensemble, Ana-Maria appeared with a dog puppet in hand, which she later revealed was handmade by her mom. 

After introducing herself, the 13-year-old began her star-studding performance. 

The young performer began bickering with her dog puppet, debating who 'owned' the other. 

Then, the dog shocks audience members as it begins to sing 'You Don't Own Me,' by Lesley Gore. 

And if viewers were surprised by a singing dog puppet, they were in for an even greater shock when Ana-Maria began singing. 

'I feel really special, it would be amazing to have my own Vegas show like Terry, that would be my dream.' 

The 13-year-old first discovered her passion for singing when she was just five years old. 

Growing up, she participated in the musical theater ensemble at her school and was in Bucharest’s Operetta and Musical Theatre Ion Dacian. 

Now, Ana-Maria frequently shares videos of herself singing - with and without her puppets - to her social media. 

In the past, another teen ventriloquist wowed judges and was even crowned the winner of season 12 of AGT. 

Darci Lynne And Ana-Maria , Who do you prefer? 

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