19 Extras Wore Wigs In Edward Scissorhands, But Was Johnny Depp's Hair Real?

turned into a masterpiece and one fans still adore today. However, the film could have looked very different. , but given his frequent questions about the character, things didn't work between himself and Tim Burton.

Even when Johnny Depp got cast as the lead in the role, he felt insecure, . At the time, but finally, that was all a hoax.

We'll take a closer look at the film and where the inspiration came from. In addition, we're going to reveal what it took to get the characters in place for the film, and what the stylists went through behind the scenes prepping for the film.

The Motivation Behind Edward Scissorhands Came Thanks To A Drawing Tim Burton Made In High School

Released in December of 1990, Tim Burton's film was a tame success at the box office, generating $86 million. However, in the years that followed, the film would become a major hit, turning into a cult-classic. Reviews were also kind to the film, with the likes of rating the film with an 89% approval score.

Only Tim Burton could've come up with such a wacky concept. As it turns out, the motivation from the character stems from a high school drawing created by Burton. Speaking with ,

“It took a long time to gain traction.”

She continued, “One night over drinks, Tim told me about this drawing he’d made in high school of a character who had scissors for hands, and I instantly knew what to do with that image,” Thompson said.

“So I wrote a 70 page treatment in about three weeks and gave it to him. And that’s basically the movie we ended up with.”

That was just a small part of the puzzle, as Burton also emphasized the music and appearances in the film. This meant lots of work behind the scenes, especially for the stylist.

While The Extras Wore Wigs, Johnny Depp Used Hair Extension In Edward Scissorhands

Hairdresser Lynda Kyle Walker took part in the film behind the scenes and according to the stylist, the process was very different compared to working at a salon. The hairdresser was dealing with lots of wigs, 19 total for the extras. In addition, she revealed that the wigs weren't cheap.

"These are very expensive wigs. They were anywhere from $750 to $2,500. So if you cut it and you don't cut it right, you can't get another wig," she said.

Creating a wig is no easy task either and takes a lot of prep behind the scenes.

"The actors have to be measured for their head size. They're handmade, either in California or New York, by wig makers. It's real hair, and it's all done by hand. Each little piece is put in and tied by hand," the stylist revealed.

As for Johnny Depp, the actor used most of his real hair and extensions were added to his head of hair as well.

"I put the hair extensions in for Johnny Depp's hair -- the long pieces you see coming out of his head. Then we did the neighborhood women."

Quite the process and one stylist Lynda Kyle Walker won't ever forget.

Stan Winston Is Responsible For Creating Johnny Depp's Hands In Edward Scissorhands

Stan Winston was the man responsible for creating Edward's 'scissor hands' and according to Tim Burton,

Burton revealed, “I didn’t think he’d actually have scissors for fingers. I though they’d just be long sharp pieces of metal that weren’t finished – but this is much better!”

According to the , the process itself was quite lengthy in order to perfect the hands.

The article writes, "To construct the scissor hands, Stan and his team searched for every different kind of pruning shear and scissor ever made."

"Next time you look at the hands, notice that each finger looks much different from the next. Once the final design was established, many sets of the scissor hands were then made."

Given Winston's brilliance behind the scenes, he'd work with Burton on various projects in the future.

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