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These 10 popular decoration styles, see which one suits your home

1.Modern styleModern style, also known as functionalist style, mainly uses practicality, diversity and technology to show the unique beauty of the style. The color scheme of the modern style is mostly black, white, gray and wood or brown, which is simple and elegant, and the overall shape is not too complicated, pursuing a sense of living experience and practicality.

2. Simple styleThe minimalist style has a simple appearance and a sense of quality inside. It is simple but not simple. It is a style that many young people like. The hard decoration part is relatively simple, avoiding complex patterns and repeated patterns. The most important thing for a simple style is the selection of materials. The quality of the materials selected is relatively good, otherwise the simple style will easily turn into a simple style.

Simplicity to the extreme can present another kind of beauty - minimalist style. Compared with minimalist style, minimalist style simplifies the decorative shape to the greatest extent, but it has a more advanced feel and texture than minimalist style. Use The materials and construction techniques have higher standards and pursuits.

3.Chinese styleThe design is a combination of dignified elegance and Zen. With the development of the times, many modern elements have been added to the traditional Chinese style, forming a new Chinese style, which has both classical elegance and fashion sense. Chinese style pays attention to artistic conception, and different Chinese elements can be integrated into the design, such as ink landscapes, flowers and birds, screens, porcelain, etc.

4. European styleThe European style is more ornate and complicated in shape, and incorporates many decorative elements into the design. Therefore, it is not suitable for small apartments and is often used in large apartments or villa decorations.

5. American styleAmerican style has a unique retro free and easy temperament. The overall style is relatively bold and rough. Most of the furniture is dark wood. Commonly used decorations include wainscoting, wallpaper, fireplaces, etc. The traditional country American style is somewhat complex and cumbersome, but it can be simplified according to your own preferences to make the whole style more lively, also known as the simple American style.

6. Light luxury styleThe light luxury style has a low-key gorgeousness. On the basis of the modern style, marble, metal, glass, fabric and other materials are added. The color scheme is often decorated with orange, dark green, and dark blue to give the space a more advanced texture.

7.Nordic styleNordic style originates from the Nordic region. It is characterized by freshness and simplicity, people-oriented, focusing on space practicality, simple shapes, fresh and natural colors, and mostly uses natural materials for decoration, such as rattan, wood, fabric, etc., which is more representative of Nordic style. Probably IKEA.

8. Japanese styleJapanese style is usually presented with the texture of logs, which is what we often call "Japanese log style". The overall style is simple and elegant, with almost no shape. Most of them are white space, with wooden and fabric furniture, or adding Japanese style. Tatami and other iconic elements.

Wabi-sabi style is also a part of Japanese aesthetic consciousness. It pays more attention to the expression of Zen and does not pursue perfection. Instead, it uses imperfect materials or shapes to present a simple space with the characteristics of returning to nature.

9.Industrial styleAs its name suggests, industrial style has a primitive and rough beauty. It is often decorated with materials such as cement, steel pipes, and red bricks. The colors are mostly black, gray, red, brown, etc., and the pipelines and materials are exposed to express a wild beauty.

10. French styleThe French style has a unique romantic and elegant atmosphere and is full of artistic flavor. Commonly used materials include gypsum thread, gypsum corner flowers, gypsum lamp panels, velvet and other materials. Commonly used colors include beige, gray, logs, blue, green, brown, etc., paired with fireplaces, Line design enhances the sense of height in the space.

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