Super cute [Calf Moo Egg Yolk Ball Crispy] tutorial!


The recipe below is enough to make seven egg yolk puff pastry~

Ball puff pastry17g egg yolks, 5g egg whites, 100g condensed milk, 115g low-gluten flour, 5g cocoa powder, 7 salted egg yolks, appropriate amount of filling (pineapple filling)

decorate14 large American almonds, appropriate amount of corn oil, appropriate amount of rum, appropriate amount of egg white, appropriate amount of extra low-gluten flour for hand flour1. The skin is about 30g each, and the filling is 30g (egg yolk is about 15g each + filling 15g each)


2. Xiaofa uses pineapple filling, and babies can choose any filling they like.

【Little method making process】


1. Mix egg yolk protein and sweetened condensed milk until evenly mixed.

2. Sift in low-gluten flour to complete the original color skin.

3. Take 45g of the dough separately and add cocoa powder, mix evenly to complete the cocoa skin, wrap the two kinds of dough with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for later use.

4. Brush the egg yolk with corn oil and put it in the oven, bake at 180 degrees for 10 minutes, spray it with rum while it is hot and set aside.

5. Egg yolk about 15g each + filling 15g each, wrap into filling, about 30g each.


6. Weigh 30g of the original color leather, grab a few pieces of cocoa dough to make the pattern on the calf, roll it out together, turn it over, and wrap the fillings. Use the cocoa dough to make the horns, eyes and nostrils of the calf, and use the original color batter to make two noses. Stick almonds on both sides to make ears.

For those that are suitable for adhesion, you need to wrap them in extra flour to prevent them from sticking. For facial modeling, you can use egg white to help fix them~


7. Place in the middle rack of the oven at 180 degrees and bake for about 20 minutes.

8. The calves are ready one by one~

[Xiaofa's casual thoughts]

1. In order to avoid becoming a piglet, Xiaofa summarized these points!

①Don't have a particularly round face. Only piglets have round faces. Calves have a face that is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom!

②The horns should be pointed and drawn inward to look better.

③When making the cocoa pattern and rolling it out together, it is best to have half of the face covered with the pattern.


The pattern is natural and does not need to be particularly uniform.

④The nostrils must not be too big! Big nostrils will definitely make you look like a pig hahahaha!

2. There is also a little black pig mixed in, hahaha. It is recommended to do DIY with the children during the Chinese New Year. The making process is so fun!

3. For the biscuit ball meringue, try to avoid over-kneading during the production, so that it is still very crispy. The filling and egg yolk ratio is appropriate, and it is delicious but not sweet!