Why do girls prefer male dogs? There are several advantages


Among dog owners, the proportion of girls is still relatively high. When most girls own dogs, they prefer male dogs. Why do girls prefer to keep male dogs? In fact, there are several benefits, let's learn about them together.

Appearance more masculine and powerfulMale dogs are usually more masculine and powerful than female dogs. They are usually larger, have thicker bones, and have thicker hair. Such an appearance can make girls feel more secure and protected, increasing their confidence and satisfaction.


Girls can show their maternal qualities in dogsGirls who raise male dogs can exert their maternal instincts on the dogs. They can take care of the dog like a child, which can bring them more satisfaction and happiness.

Easier to get to know other dogs and dog ownersGirls who own male dogs are generally more likely to make friends with other dogs and dog owners. Since male dogs are more active and active, they are usually more likely to play and socialize with other dogs.


This makes it easier for girls to meet other dog owners and expand their social circle.

Male dogs are more loyal and passionateMale dogs are usually more loyal and passionate than female dogs. They often display more affectionate and dependent behaviors towards their owners, which can enhance the emotional connection and interaction between girls and dogs.

Male dogs are easy to care for after neuteringNeutering a male dog is an external surgery.


It is very simple, recovers quickly, and does not require much care. The internal surgery on female dogs requires a long recovery time and is more troublesome to take care of.

However, after the male dog is neutered, he may not be able to accept it for a while. At this time, the pet should accompany him more, and you can also give him some snacks to divert his attention. Pay attention to choosing some nutritious and healthy snacks.

Male dogs have better physical fitnessRelatively speaking, male dogs have better physiques than female dogs and are less prone to getting sick. For girls, it is easier to get started with raising a dog that is not prone to getting sick, and they don't have to worry about running to the hospital all day long.