The bear butter cookies are so cute🐻❗️


A family snack you can't miss is of course the butter cookies~I made a little bear look, and it's as cute as ever~The milky aroma is particularly strong ~ crispy and delicious 😋 It's great to pack and give to friends!Which color bear do you prefer🥰~~~

🌈【Material】■Original cookies:65g butter, 25g powdered sugar, 1g salt, 17g whole egg liquid, 80g low-gluten flour, 12g almond flour■Cocoa flavor cookies:65g butter, 25g powdered sugar, 1g salt, 17g whole egg liquid, 75g low-gluten flour, 5g cocoa powder, 12g almond flour



1⃣️Soften the butter at room temperature to the point where you can easily poke it in with your hands. Add powdered sugar and salt. Mix with the butter first to avoid splashing, then beat until fluffy and white~

2⃣️Add whole egg liquid (needs room temperature), beat with butter until completely combined~

3⃣️Cow-gluten flour➕almond flour (cocoa flavor: low-gluten flour➕almond flour➕cocoa powder), mix and sift and add, stir evenly with a spatula~

4⃣️Put it into a piping bag and squeeze it into the baking pan. First pipe two round bear ears, and then pipe the bear's face in a circle. You can see the step picture above for the piping method.


5⃣️Put it into the preheated oven, raise the heat to 155 and lower the heat to 140 degrees, and bake for about 20 minutes~6⃣️Use melted black and white chocolate to draw the bear's facial features on the cool cookies~

💗Just soften the butter until it can be easily pressed in with your hands. Do not soften it too much, as it will cause the pattern to be unclear~💗If it is difficult to squeeze in winter, you can use a hair dryer to blow the piping bag a little, and it will be easier to squeeze when your hands are warm~💗The facial features of the chocolate bear are made from dark chocolate with a few drops of black pigment added~💗The butter used is the president's ~ the texture is fine and soft, lactic acid fermentation animal butter, so it is healthy and has a rich milky aroma.


It will add a lot of points to the finished product when used in baking ~