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'I was defined as box office poison': Johnny Depp Admitted Hollywood Saw Him as a Failure Despite His Godlike Acting Talent, Wanted Him to Change But He Wouldn't Budge

Johnny Depp’s reign as Jack Sparrow became one of his most iconic roles since the beginning of his career. It brought him not only constant fame but just as much fortune. However, that was not the case for a very long time as his charismatic acting was even looked upon as poisonous by critics.

His acting career had kicked off a long time before him picking up the franchise, although, it wasn’t until he picked up his compass and stuck his nose on an ancient map that Depp finally hit stardom like no other. Not only did he become one of the most acclaimed actors, but he also grew a fanbase in a world full of loyal fans.

Johnny Depp Grew From Being Box Office Poison To Being The King Of Pirate Movies

During ‘s early years as an actor, he wasn’t regarded as a much-respected actor, even being labeled as the box office poison even after a lot of his films were well received by the audience. This, however, was not in balance with how the critics reviewed the movies. He was said to not have as much attraction for the fans to come and view his movies with as much enthusiasm and dedication as they did for other actors’ movies.

This, although quickly changed once the actor grasped the role of Jack Sparrow in the series. He built a character just as charismatic and passionate as him. He brought life to an audience that had been waiting for an opportunity to show just how underappreciated Depp had been and how after so many years, the actor was finally getting the love he deserved. No matter how many other movies or franchises he picked up, Sparrow remained to be his most famous of the lot.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Not Only Made Johnny Depp Immensely Famous, But It Also Made His Dreams Come True

Johnny Depp found out just as quickly as the franchise became his that it was the perfect opportunity for him to be able to fulfill his dreams. More specifically, his dream of owning an island. The irony of the matter was rather evident to him as well as he even pointed out how the role of a pirate led him to have an island.

His hard-earned money made it possible for him to achieve his longtime wish and save his money for his children’s future. He stated in an interview that what he earns is not for him but instead for his children. The island was just a fraction of his dream, which truly lay within his children’s lives.

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