21 photos with visual errors.


The reason why we can see things is entirely because the brain feeds us correct signals. Because the brain stores solidified images, we have the following set of photos that may be mistaken at first glance. Let’s experience them together.

A man has legs like a woman

The reflection of a man's vest in the mirror makes people think

An athlete without a head, what kind of look is this?


This dog looks so strange

Who understands this photo? It took me a long time to understand it

How many people saw T Ziku at first glance? This picture is amazing

A naked man riding a motorcycle is so cool


It's not a broken log, it's a dog and logs

This one is so classic, it turned out to be two people

If you keep a dog for a long time, you will become more and more like a dog.

The legendary mirage

Little girl holding a bag of popcorn


how this is done

These long legs are so beautiful

Imagine seeing this scene at night, it makes you shiver all over

Extended version of cow


There are 4 hands here

The return rate of this kind of handbag is really 100%

Children's legs are just as long as those of adults

This dog is so beautiful and doubles as a nanny.

Is this a human or a dog? I can’t tell clearly.