A collection of cat-eye manicure styles that are whitening and atmospheric


Come to this collection of cat eye manicure and let her shine in your working day! !

Cat eye glue is used very frequently. Some ordinary base glue will become beautiful when applied with cat eye. It will make you full of temperament, full of atmosphere, and full of good luck~

No need to extend, bean paste leopard print cat eye that can be commuted~

Pseudo-no makeup, icy nude powder + white moonlight cat eyes~


Black nails also look good with cat eyes, deep starry sky~

Gorgeous, marbled smudged + starry sky cat eye

The sparkle from short nails~

The bean paste champagne cat eye is the ultimate beauty with gentle temperament and white hands~


The faint little rainbow, have you noticed it~

Crystal cat eyes, translucent and sparkling~

The mysterious power from Yunnan, peacock blue brings good luck~

Drawing out rainbow cat eyes is a must-have for a manicurist!


Nude pink crystal cat eye, the gentle fairy~

Meteorite cat eyes, unique and textured~