Johnny Depp's First Love Wasn't Acting

Long before Johnny Depp's extensive filmography as an actor, the star was a musician. The actor started playing the guitar as a teenager and actively sought to pursue a career as a musician. To support his dream, Depp took various odd jobs while playing the guitar with a band in Los Angeles. However, Depp's road to becoming a rock star took a temporary break when his , introduced him to Nicolas Cage. Depp's connection to Nicolas Cage birthed his acting career.

Despite his career detour into the world of acting, Depp silently nurtured his love for music with collaborations and songwriting. With his victory in his legal trouble with his ex-wife Amber Heard, the 21 Jump Street actor appears to be taking giant strides in returning to his first love. Let's take a look inside Johnny Depp's music career.

8 Music Is Johnny Depp's, First Love

Music started for Depp when his mother gifted him a guitar at 12. The actor was engrossed with music, so much that he to pursue his dream of becoming a rock star. Depp tried to return to school two weeks after he quit, but his principal advised him to follow the path his heart yearned for.

7 Johnny Depp Started Out In A Band

Following his resolve to pursue music, Depp joined a band called. After achieving a level of success in Florida, the band moved to Los Angeles to pursue a record label deal. While waiting for their big break, the band opened for big acts such as Talking Heads, Iggy Pop, the Ramones, and the Pretenders. Eventually, the band split up before landing a record deal in 1984.

6 What Type Of Music Does Johnny Depp Make?

Johnny Depp started his career as a guitarist and progressed into alternative and hard rock. After the ended, the actor joined Jeff Becks at his concert in the UK.

Depp performed on stage to a mixed review from the audience, who were confused about his style of music. In response to the criticisms, music critic Neil McCormick highlighted that although Depp was not a strong vocalist, the actor was skilled in presenting songs.

5 Johnny Depp Wrote Songs

If it was not already clear, the actor is an embodiment of art. Johnny Depp has writing credits attributed to his name for contributing to different projects, and Depp co-wrote the song for Rock City Angels for their debut album For Depp, writing songs is more than just an art; the actorwith his ex-wife Amber Heard.

4 Johnny Depp Was Big On Collaborations

Most of Johnny Depp's musical career was collaborations. The actor was happy behind the scene, collaborating with the big names. A look through Depp's discography reveals that the guitarist worked with other artists in different capacities, including writing, composing, playing instruments, and performing.

One of Depp's remarkable collaborations was his contribution to the Oscar-nominated soundtrack to the 2000 film Chocolat. The musician played the guitar on three songs in the movie, including , , and .

3 Johnny Depp Formed A Rock Supergroup

In 2015, Johnny Deep joined Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Bruce Witkin to form a supergroup called . The group members were either successful solo artists or members of a music band - Cooper was from , Joe Perry from , and Witkin from .

The supergroup released its self-titled debut album in September 2015. The album featured 17 tracks with classic covers of old rock songs and original recordings co-written by Depp.

2 Johnny Depp Took His Music To The Limelight

With his acting career entering into waters of uncertainty and , Johnny Depp fully embraced his music. He joined his supergroup on their first and second world tours which covered countries in North America, parts of Europe, and Russia.

In 2019, the group released their second studio album, , after their successful world tours. Unlike their first album, had more original recordings, with writing credits given to Depp for some songs.

1 Johnny Depp Is Taking Huge Strides With His Music

Things are beginning to fall in place for Johnny Depp since. From netting a new seven-figure deal with Dior to , it is safe to say that the actor is back.

Depp's music is not left out in all his recent wins. On July 25, the actor jointly released a 13-track album titled with guitarist Jeff Beck.

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