The Real Reason Johnny Depp Doesn't Watch His Own Movies

Being an actor in Hollywood means churning out one movie or show after the next if you're lucky. This doesn't happen for every performer, but the ones fortunate enough to work regularly earn a ton of acting credits, and sometimes appear in movies , or shows with earlier on.

Johnny Depp has been in tons of films dating back to the '80s. Like some other stars, however, Depp is known for . He's even opened up about why he chooses to skip them.

Let's find out why Johnny Depp doesn't watch his own movies!

Johnny Depp's A Legend

With decades od experience in acting, and with a lifetime's worth of acclaim, Johnny Depp has left a permanent mark on the movie business.

As a younger performer, Depp cut his teeth on the small screen in the '80s, but that didn't stop him from landing film work. He was by no means a movie star in the '80s, but he did have a memorable role in one of the greatest horror movies to grace the silver screen.

The 1990s ushered in a great many cultural resets, including Johnny Depp shifting to . Depp did an incredible job of landing exceptional characters to play. It was these characters that helped him stand out from other actors who were taking on safe roles. Over time, this would pay dividends for Depp.

Since breaking out in film, the actor has continued to add major accolades. His films have earned billions at the box office, he's earned rave reviews for his work, and at this point, Depp is a legend.

Now, Johnny Depp has been in movies, but a few years ago, he surprised many when he claimed that he didn't watch his own films.

He Stated That He Doesn't Watch His Own Movies

When speaking with Ellen DeGeneres, Depp was promoting his film, , the show's host asked Depp about the truth behind him not watching his own movies.

"I saw part of maybe the first one, I ran out anyway it doesn’t matter. I ran out like a scared rat. But this one I did see because it’s the fifth one. I felt [like] if this is [the] last one, I want to make sure we are delivering what we need to deliver to the people because the people, you guys went out and saw the thing three four five times, you deserve to not be spoon fed formula, so I tried to up the stakes a little," Depp said.

This is an interesting line from Depp, as it does two things. First, it does confirm that he's not a fan of watching his own movies. Second, he did admit to actually watching one, and he gave a legit reason as to why he did.

During that same interview, Depp was also asked about the movie and whether he was happy with it.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s a great advertisement," he said.

It was a funny moment, but it did have people wondering about the real reason why he doesn't watch his own movies.

Johnny Depp Keeps The Film In The Past When He's Done

So, why does Johnny Depp choose to skip watching his own movies? Well, the movie star gave the answer to that question back in the 2000s when he was being .

"In a way, you know, once my job is done on the film," explained the actor. "It's really none of my business," the actor said.

That's right, when he's done, he's done, and he's ready to simply break free from the project.

Letterman did ask if Depp makes an effort to steer clear from his projects.

"Yeah, I stay as far away. If I can, I'd try to stay in as profound a state of ignorance as possible," he continued.

Depp also gave another reason as to why he doesn't like watching his own movies.

"It's just that you know, I don't like watching myself," Depp admitted.

Given that he's one of the most talented actors around, it's hard to imagine that he doesn't like to see himself on camera. Then again, most people don't even like hearing the sound of their own voice on a recording, so there's that.

Johnny Depp has a valid reason for not wanting to watch his own films, but maybe one day he'll come around and check out some of the better movies that he's made.

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