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An inventory of the hottest decoration styles in 2023

1. Modern minimalist styleModern minimalist style is a decoration style that many people like now. It is a decoration style that combines functionality and aesthetics. Under this popular trend, simple and elegant modern style has gradually become the mainstream and is deeply loved by young people.

Modern simplicity can also be called minimalism, which emphasizes simplicity, cleanness, refreshing and neatness.

2. Nordic styleNordic style is a modern and simple decoration style that pursues simplicity and practicality, pays attention to the matching of indoor colors and the overall harmony of the space environment, and is characterized by simplicity, purity, and fashion.

Nordic style is based on nature. It abandons the traditional cumbersome design, abandons excessive decoration, and pursues simplicity and nature;

It abandons redundant shapes, colors and complicated accessories, and creates a simple and comfortable atmosphere through simple, practical and single-color arrangements.

3. Japanese simple styleJapanese minimalist style combines simple style with Japanese elements to achieve an eye-catching effect.

The color is mainly white, coupled with the simple line design, making the entire space look more spacious and comfortable, and also giving people a simple and warm feeling.

4. Mediterranean styleMediterranean style is a typical ocean style, with blue and white as the main colors, exuding a sense of sunshine and freshness. A unique spatial design is adopted that emphasizes the soft tones and textures of the interior environment. When decorating in a Mediterranean style, attention should be paid to the coherence of space.

5. American country styleAmerican country style is the abbreviation of American country style. It is mainly a decoration style with a rural pastoral theme.

In terms of color matching, nature is the main theme, such as pastoral, countryside, logs, etc. in the pastoral style. Besides the color, the most important thing about it is the furniture. When choosing furniture, choose something that is relatively simple and heavy, such as solid wood furniture, walnut furniture, etc.

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