10 funny pictures of “silly dogs”


This is the first time I've seen a dog climb up the cupboard! Come down quickly!

这只狗的表情非常滑稽, 这个表情甚至被主人做成了画像, 可以说是一模一样!




This dog has a very funny expression,This expression was even made into a portrait by the owner.

It can be said to be exactly the same!


Does your dog scratch its own tail?

This silly dog scratched its tail for a long time and finally caught it!

So, what to do next?

Every time I take a photo with my dog, the result is not good.

I really don't understand. Why are you rolling your eyes?

Don't you know how to cooperate?

How jealous are dogs?

In their eyes, a third dog is not allowed in this home.

Not even a doll!


Some dogs have many weird quirks.

Like this one dog who loves to smell my shoes!

This is also a dog with quirks.

It likes to chew the corners of the table, and the table will be broken by it!

look! I caught you doing bad things again!

Alas, I really can't bear to look at its aggrieved look!

My dog especially likes to imitate me.


The way I often sit on the sofa became the object of its imitation.

This is my family's famous silly dog with a simple and honest personality.

Put the piece of bread on its head, it's really funny!

I bought a yoga mat at home and often do yoga in my free time.

After seeing this, this silly dog also began to imitate me and learned yoga.


Have you ever seen such a big dog? Although it looks big,But in front of the owner, he is still a coquettish baby.

This silly dog dug a hole for a long time, thinking it was going to hunt for treasure.

Unexpectedly, it put its paw in and lay down like that.

This is also a dog who likes to dig holes. He dug a hole in the sky for a long time.

Then once you go in, you don't want to come out!