Cats like to sleep next to you for these reasons


I believe many cat owners have discovered that sometimes cats like to sleep next to them, and they feel that they trust themselves and even love themselves, but this is not entirely true~

Let me tell you secretly, it turns out that cats like to sleep next to you, not only because they love you, but also for other reasons~

"Feels warm"I believe many people have discovered that cats usually become particularly clingy in winter and even choose to sleep with their owners. In fact, the reason why a cat chooses to sleep with you is not because it loves you, but because your bed is big, comfortable and warm~


Especially when sleeping next to you, it feels very warm, just right for cuddling up to keep warm. Have you noticed the little thoughts of cats?

"You can give it a sense of security"In fact, in the eyes of many cats, the owner is a powerful being. After all, you are very large in size and take good care of it, so it will think that you can protect it well, while the cat is sleeping , when you let down your guard the most, so it is smart and witty and will choose to sleep next to you.

Sleeping next to you is very comfortable and allows you to relax and sleep.


After all, you can give it a certain sense of security.

"It wants to protect you"Some cats choose to sleep with you. That's because you are very important to it. It has deep feelings for you and has already treated you like a family member. However, it thinks that you always sleep deeply, and you will fall asleep as soon as you fall asleep. For a long time, there was no movement at all.

Cats are worried that you will be discovered by natural enemies, so they want to sleep next to you. This will also make it easier for them to wake you up as soon as possible.


This is their way of silently protecting you. Don't be ignorant~

"Curious about you"Anyone who owns a cat knows that cats are very curious. They will also be curious about why your two-legged beast is so strange and always different from it. It will even be curious about what you are like when you sleep. .

So it will choose to sleep with you and see how you behave after you sleep. Cats are also voyeurs~


"Convenient to wake you up"Some cats choose to sleep with their owners because they feel that their owners often sleep in and are afraid that they will not get up to hunt. They are also afraid that their owners will not get up and make them hungry in the morning.

So the cat sleeps with you so that it can wake you up in the morning, remind you to get up quickly, and ask you to prepare breakfast for it~