Captain Barbossa Can Still Return In POTC (But He Shouldn’t)

Captain Barbossa sacrificed his life in , but there's always a chance he could return in future installments of the franchise– though it may be best if he didn't. This wouldn't be the first time Barbossa or other characters were killed and brought back to life in the series. However, this, among several different reasons, is precisely why it would be best for the franchise to make Barbossa's previous death his last.

Captain Hector Barbossa was first introduced as the antagonist in . He was everything a fearsome pirate should be, which, even as a villain, made him difficult not to like. At the film's conclusion, he was shot and killed by Jack Sparrow, but he returned and remained a sort of anti-hero for the subsequent films. In the most recent , , Barbossa sacrificed his life to save his daughter, and it felt like a far more final death— but anything can happen.

The Flexible Pirates Of The Caribbean Rules Makes A Barbossa Resurrection Possible

The movies have always been extremely flexible with their rules. Even when something seemingly impossible happens, the plot has never tried too hard to explain it. When Captain Barbossa was brought back to life in , it was only ever attributed to Tia Dalma's power (minus any nuanced details). His first job as a member of the living was to sail to Davy Jones' locker and retrieve Jack Sparrow after he had been eaten by the Kraken—another seemingly impossible, yet ridiculously simple, process.

So, it stands to reason that if writers wanted to bring to pillage and plunder once again, it would be easy enough to twist and turn the circumstances to make it acceptable. Still, the franchise has taken advantage of this flexibility so many times that there have begun to be too many continuity errors to keep count. This has left thefilm franchise with a shaky foundation the more installments are released. So, if there to be a , it would be best to keep Barboassa out of it.

Another Resurrection For Barbossa Would Ruin All Character Deaths

Another reason a second Barbossa resurrection would be a bad idea for the franchise is that it sets a bad precedent for other characters. When too many characters come back to life, it can make the impact of others' deaths seem greatly diminished. This has been observed in other franchises like the , where the concept of death becomes no more than a minor inconvenience.

In the case of , this damage has already been done to an extent and has been teased to continue. Captain Barbossa was the first defeated villain to return after his initial film, but the post-credits scene teased the return of Davy Jones as well (which seems entirely impossible with the broken Flying Dutchman curse). So, the life-and-death situation in is already flimsy enough, and bringing Barbossa back for a time would just be taking things way too far.

Barbossa's Character Was Already Too Old In POTC 5

A resurrection for Hector Barbossa would be even more outlandish because his age in was already almost too much to believe. The novels reveal that he had been in his 40s when he mutinied against Jack Sparrow before the events of , which would put him in his 70s when he died. While this lines up with the age of actor Geoffrey Rush, it doesn't quite fit with the average life expectancy in the 1700s—.

When considering that Jack Sparrow would be the appropriate age to be Henry Turner's grandfather in , it makes his adventures with the boy and Captain Barbossa all the more unlikely. Even in a world without the , it's difficult to imagine that a pirate would be able to live into his 70s, let alone still be active enough to sword fight with undead enemies. Bringing him back to continue living even longer would just be pushing it.

Captain Barbossa Had A Perfect Death In POTC 5

Though several aspects of Captain Hector Barbossa's character don't make sense, he was still an easy character to love in . He is exactly what comes to mind when considering a cruel, badass pirate who isn't afraid to do whatever it takes to achieve a life of luxury, grandeur, and, above all, freedom. This perfect combination of terrifying and admirable was precisely what made his death so poetic— since it was all for .

has faced a lot of criticism for its bizarre twists (who would have thought Elizabeth Swan and Captain Barbossa's children would fall in love), but Barbossa's redemption was one of the best possible endings for the character. Audiences had learned since that he capable of emotional connection, and his sacrifice for his daughter irrefutably proved this. If a sequel were to bring him back to life, it would only undo the emotional impact of his death instead of letting his character rest in peace, fully redeemed.

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