Dogs don’t like to go to these places, it’s like “hell”


Dogs always look like they are fearless, but in fact they are very timid, especially in certain places, and they want to hide. Dogs don't like to go to these places. For dogs, they are like "hell".

Train, car or planeDogs don't like long rides on trains, cars or planes. Dogs may experience motion sickness or fear of heights while traveling, and long journeys can also make them tired and restless.

Places exposed to sunlightDogs are sensitive to strong sunlight and high temperatures. Prolonged exposure to the sun can make them feel tired and uncomfortable, and even cause heat stroke.


Therefore, avoid taking your dog to areas exposed to the sun during hot summer months.

crowded placeLarge events, crowds, and noisy environments can make dogs uneasy and uncomfortable. In addition, there may be unfriendly or unfamiliar people in the crowd, which can make the dog even more nervous and frightened.

Close to hazardous materials or areasDogs are curious and love to explore their surroundings.


However, there are some places or items that may pose dangers to dogs. For example, being close to dangerous areas or objects such as roads, stoves, and medicines may endanger your dog's safety.

pet shopPet shops are one of the places that dogs hate going to. Dogs have a keen sense of smell, and the smell of other animals in a pet shop can make dogs feel very uneasy. Moreover, there are many strangers in pet stores, and they have to accept the constraints of employees (bathing, grooming, nail clipping, grooming, etc.


), so pet stores are like "hell" for dogs!

Every time you take your dog to the pet store, you can bring some snacks to soothe your dog's mood.

HospitalDogs generally don't like going to the hospital because they feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Hospitals are filled with unfamiliar smells and sounds that can make dogs nervous and uncomfortable. Moreover, it often means that the dog needs to endure pain or discomfort, which increases their nervousness even more.