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European and American outfits with various styles

LOOK1The black down jacket is so versatile. Paired with any clothing, it will make your aura feel up. If you add new designs to your down jacket, you can create a different style of dressing. Paired with the recently popular gray casual pants, it also looks great and gives a very casual and comfortable feel.

LOOK2Isn't the white shirt too stylish? Normally, the neckline design of a shirt is simple. This white shirt directly ties the two halves of the garment into a bow and puts it in the middle. The slight gap in the middle also shows the bold personality of the outfit. This kind of outfit is still very sexy. Paired with reflective gold wide-leg pants, every step you take will have a visual impact and brilliance.

LOOK3A long pink down jacket, a very Korean girl look. The pink and tender clothing covers most parts of the body, and the large area of light pink can also make the outfit look more energetic and well-behaved, creating a ladylike style for autumn and winter. The matching black dad shoes add to the cool style of the outfit, adding a certain sharpness to the sweet style and making it even more eye-catching.

LOOK4A brown leather suit, both in terms of fabric and wearing effect, is high-end from the inside out. Pair it with a versatile white bottoming shirt and softer light-colored slim jeans to neutralize the dullness brought by leather suits. Incorporating everyday and soft elements into high-end outfits will make people's eyes brighter. a feeling of.

LOOK5A light gray coat with black buttons will give the outfit a retro feel. It is also completely OK to match with a versatile white bottoming shirt, as well as light apricot casual trousers, all wearing a light-colored elegance. Paired with a gray scarf, it can also add elements to the outfit and make it look more layered.

LOOK6The apricot coat looks high-end and elegant. It can be paired with everyday and gentle outfits, or with a cooler fashion style. The coat is a very good item. Paired with leather shoes and a bag, this outfit is full of elite and capable workplace atmosphere and full of aura.

LOOK7The white cardigan represents gentleness, and we can express our own freestyle inside. It can be a light-colored base layer that is gentle and retro, or it can be a dark-colored combination that makes the outfit more aura. The young lady should be wearing the former. Pair a peach-pink bottoming shirt with peach-pink wide-leg pants. This high-end and energetic color scheme is not skin-challenging at all. It is also a representative clothing color scheme for autumn and winter. Wearing the same color is very suitable for novices. The pure and high-end color matching, combined with the simple design, can easily create a high-end temperament look.

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