Johnny Depp Collects Everything From Barbie Dolls to Animal Skeletons

When learning Johnny Depp collects insects and animal skeletons, are you really surprised? Depp is sort of the unofficial prince of goth. With working on multiple horror related films with the king of the genre, Tim Burton, already under his belt, Depp earned that title. So naturally like skeletons of dead animals don't really faze us. What does however is the actors collection of another thing; Barbie dolls.

Can you picture Edward Scissorhands playing with Barbie dolls? Actually we kinda can, but can you picture Jack Sparrow playing with dolls? Now that we think about it, yes we can. Okay, but Johnny Depp himself? All 5'10 (1.78 m) of tatted, jewelry wearing, rockstar/pirate vibing Depp? Guess Depp is way weirder than we thought.

Depp's collection started out of , and he didn't set out to collect Barbies at all. He would play with her and even act out different voices for her as well. "We played a lot of Barbies, my daughter and I," Depp told . "I used to test characters on her... Willy Wonka, Captain Jack, there's another one I can't remember which one, but basically-one day we were playing Barbies, and then she decided to just go, 'Daddy, just do it normal, just cut out the voices.' And that was the day I stopped playing Barbies with her."

According to , Depp started to collect so many that his collection got out of hand, and he had to find storage for them. "I've got of Barbies in storage," he confessed in an interview. When Lily Rose grew up, and outgrew her Barbies, like any other parent who wants to save relics of their children's childhood, Depp couldn't bring himself to part with them, so he kept them in the storage room.

Depp even managed to scrounge for limited edition Barbies. According to , he not only has rare limited editions but even celebrity Barbies. But the weird thing he does with the celebrity dolls is that he updates their outfits according to what their real life counterparts are doing. So for instance he put an ankle bracelet on his Lindsay Lohan doll when the actress was put on house arrest.

A once said that Depp had a bunch of celebrity dolls. "He owns dozens of limited edition Barbies. He’s also go dolls based on Beyoncé, the High School Musical cast, Elvis and even Donny Osmond."

Depp has to own dolls of his characters as well, it's only fitting. Barbie's own Sparrow doll costs up to 200 dollars right now, and Depp's character, the Mad Hater from , goes for almost $100.

Meanwhile, Depp's other collections of bugs and animal skeletons is more characteristically accurate for the actor. According to , his collection of skeletons started with a pigeon skeleton, and from then evolved into a collection of his favorite bats and insects (he's even got a favorite bug shop located in Paris).

The strange actor also has a habit of collecting other more normal things for an actor to collect. The actor, who recent started a band called The Hollywood Vampires (fitting if we do say so ourselves), also collects thousands of CD's that pile high in his home, different memorabilia, and props taken from the sets he's worked on.

In his collection of props he's taken, reports he has the hat and cane from his character Sam in , his iconic scissor hands from , and the wig he wore in But he doesn't collect these movie set gems just for himself, he collects them for future grandchildren. "I keep stuff from movies, so I can give it to my grandchildren someday...if I ever have any."

Along with the all of this Depp also has an obsession with author Jack Kerouac and has taken to collecting a couple of personal artifacts from him. According to , Depp has original manuscripts penned by Kerouac himself, two of Kerouac's jackets, letters written by Kerouac and the author's suitcase. It is also reported that Depp paid $15,000+ for Kerouac's old raincoat. Depp is a long time fan of the writer and has been known to read passages from his work aloud.

So with all this being said, if it wasn't already cemented in your head that Depp is a little weird, it sure is now. Maybe Depp, in the privacy of his home, wears Kerouac's raincoat while playing house with his limited edition Barbie doll of himself as Jack Sparrow and his pigeon skeleton. Who knows? Either way we wish Depp was more vocal about his collections as the details keep getting stranger and stranger.

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