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124㎡ Light luxury and retro European and American mix style

Today, I will share a 124-square-meter European and American mixed-style decoration. The overall style is based on modern American style + pastoral style. Bright-colored soft furnishings embellish the space, which is light luxury and fashionable, creating a retro, elegant and comfortable space.

In the entrance hall, use the dining room background wall as the entrance background, and the storage cabinet serves as a shoe changing stool, storage table and shoe cabinet.

The entrance is planned as a dining area, which is a bit cramped, and fixed booths are designed in the spatial layout. One side of the deck is decorated with a retro mirror finish to expand the visual space and hierarchy.

A high cabinet for electrical appliances is designed between the dining room background and the kitchen door. The microwave and oven are placed next to the dining table. The cabinet above also serves as a storage function for the dining table.

Carefully designed color-blocked soft cushions are used as booth seat cushions and backrests, making the background of this restaurant diverse.

The kitchen cabinets are made of gray-blue wood veneer door panels, with gray-brown tiles as the waistline that surrounds the countertop, and the stovetop tiles as the main background.

The overall tone of the living room is unified and harmonious, with brightly colored soft furnishings embellished in parts. There is a large lawn outside the balcony, with a broad view and abundant sunshine.

A set of green flower paintings are customized on the sofa background wall, and the carpet echoes the classic green long steps. The overall tone complements the greenery outside the balcony.

The fireplace shape used by the TV as the main background is cancelled, the classic American elements are retained, and the original TV function is replaced by a hidden projection.

The balcony ceiling floor material integrates more retro wood colors into the space, adding a casual and elegant atmosphere.

The guest bathroom is divided into dry and wet areas, and American small relief bricks are used as the main background of the dry area in the middle section; bronze hardware embellishes the American retro charm, and the flower-shaped decorative mirror is used as the main background of the center to enhance the overall sophistication.

The main wall of the aisle is divided into three levels. The upper eaves are decorated with floral wallpaper to outline the frieze effect. The middle section is left blank. The lower wall skirt is made of gypsum board and PU wire wall panels.

The multi-functional room uses matcha green color and flower and bird wallpaper as the background; the purple and green in the background echo the bedding and single chairs. The overall color combination is rich in saturation but not overflowing, and it still well interprets the freshness and refreshment of American style.

The children's room is equipped with high-environmentally friendly American solid wood furniture. The light peacock blue is paired with tortoise-colored log furniture. The desert red of the balloon background wall covering echoes the color of the finished furniture. The headband of the curtains is mainly in light peacock blue, and every detail reflects the designer's intentions.

The second bedroom is connected to the balcony and has ample lighting. It uses fresh and elegant egret color latex paint and is paired with stormy gray bedding. It is decorated with cedar green pillows to make the space as bright and refreshing as possible.

The background of the master bedroom is made of two layers of gypsum board. The stacking method strengthens the background level. The color of latex paint is used to distinguish and highlight the background. Pu lines are used on both sides to shape the shape. The middle is decorated with overseas purchased flower and bird wallpaper, and the tapestry balances the wallpaper color.

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