Baking丨Milk and soft🍀Polish coconut toast



☘️Polish: 100g water, 100g high-gluten flour, 1g dry yeast

☘️Main dough: 400g high-gluten flour, 20g milk powder, 4g dry yeast, 4g salt, 55g sugar, 93g whole egg liqu

id, 145g pure milk, 50g unsalted butter (the above ingredients are the recipe for two 450g toasts)

☘️Coconut filling: 35g butter, 30g powdered sugar, 40g whole egg liquid, 15g milk powder, 65g coconut

practice:1⃣️First make the Polish seeds: mix water ➕ flour ➕ dry yeast evenly, let it rise at room temperature for 30 minutes, then refrigerate and ferment overnight for 12 hours.


2⃣️Coconut filling: Soften butter at room temperature, add powdered sugar and beat evenly with a whisk on low setting. Add egg liquid in batches and beat evenly. Add milk powder and coconut milk and stir evenly.

3⃣️Put all the ingredients in the main dough except butter into the chef's machine ➕200 grams of Polish seeds prepared overnight. Turn to low setting and mix into a dough first, then turn to medium to high setting and beat until it does not stick to the wall of the cylinder. Take a small piece of dough. When you see a thick film when you stretch it out, you can add butter🧈 that has been softened at room temperature.


Mix the butter at low setting first, then turn to medium to high setting to form the glove film.

4. Arrange the dough and put it in a large bowl to rise until it doubles in size (you can use the oven fermentation mode at 28 degrees for 60 minutes. Remember to put a bowl of warm water in the oven). After proofing, press to deflate and divide into 2 parts. Relax for 15 minutes

5. After the dough has rested, roll it out into a long piece with the smooth side facing up. Then turn it over and flatten the edges and corners slightly.


Apply the coconut filling and roll it up. Arrange and pinch the seams. Turn the seams down and leave some on the top without cutting. Then cut it into 3 parts and braid it into a braid. After braiding, put the two ends towards the middle of the bottom. Put it into the toast mold and let it rise for 9 minutes. After it has risen, brush it with a thin layer of whole egg liquid. (⭐️Here You can see the pictures and text more clearly)

6. Preheat the oven for 10 minutes in advance, set the upper heat to 160 degrees and the lower heat to 190 degrees, and bake for 35 minutes (the oven temperature may vary according to actual conditions)